Medium Truck

This course created to train and generate professional commercial drivers with high consideration to reduce the cost of operating trucks in commercial field, at the end of this course students will be licensed to drive either Medium Truck from 13 tons and above or buses with more than 23 seats. Alijarah driving academy will be teaching students the safest and easiest way of driving in accordance with the Qatar Roads and the Ministry of Transport & Communications regulations. We will provide an overview of a basic medium truck driving knowledge, traffic laws, reducing the risk of road deaths and injuries, and introduces participants to the cognitive skills required to drive safely.

Alijarah driving academy students master the skills of :

1.      Getting familiar with the Trucks control

2.      Starting, Stopping, and reversing in a straight line

3.      Basics of commercial heavy trucks driving

4.      Serpentine Driving (Forward and Reverse)

5.      Upshifting and Downshifting

6.      Reversing parking

7.      Loading & unloading – Dump trucks

8.      Manure of driving with consideration if the truck loaded or no

9.      Emergency Praking

10.  Left Turns and Right Turns and U-Turns

11.  Negotiating Roundabouts

12.  Changing Lanes and overtaking

13.  Driving at intersections

14.  Driving in real traffic

15.  Driving on motorways

Courses Price List

Type of Courses Totals Prices in QR No. of Tests
Full Course 3250.00 2
Half Course 2550.00 2